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Isn’t it true that you’re building a website to make your business profitable? You could lose more than half of your consumers if it doesn’t perform properly. 

We at Binmark provides you best quality Assurance and Support services to improve performance and make user friendly secure sites and app for your customers. The purpose of our Quality Assurance service is to avoid the high costs of rectifying faults in the website’s operation.

Our Quality Assurance Service​

Our Website Quality Assurance is carried out in order to detect errors that may have occurred during the development and design stages of the website. Conducting Website QA ensures that you will obtain a finished product free of errors and that everything will run well. We wish to underline that quality assurance should not be limited to the pre-launch stage. To minimize major site outages, we do offer the QA process that is carried out after every modification on your site.

How our Quality Assurance process works ?


We meticulously prepare the entire procedure.


The process of experimenting with new ideas and making adjustments.


Double-check all processes, fixes, and positive outcomes.


Make modifications to the product to make it better.

No compromises with quality

Customizing Requirements

To assist our clients in achieving their business objectives, we collect, evaluate, and document all project-related materials and actions.  For requirement analysis, we put together a team to assess your project’s feasibility from a technical and operational standpoint. This offers us a complete picture of your project and its objectives. This is necessary to ensure that everything is running well and that the final product will be of high quality


We have the experience and facilities to thoroughly test your software products. Depending on your requirements, our team may undertake both manual and automated testing. We categorize testing based on the platforms used, project size, development technique, and post-release strategy. Our software testers test it on a wide range of platforms and operating systems. We make sure software works as it should by putting itself  in the boots of the user and running through a variety of test scenarios. Our team uses sophisticated testing software like Selenium, Appium, and JMeter to run automated tests and compare real results to projected results

Maintenance and support

We provide you application maintenance and support services. From bug fixes to code refactoring, from debugging to proper optimized code deployment. We are 24 by 7 IT Consultancy company providing you support on your web and mobile applications. We assure you the best quality of deliverables and support for your application; our services include testing of software to debug issues, optimize the performance of legacy codes,  test legacy functionalities, workflows, integration flaws, and replace them with modern technologies, and upgrades the applications require to deliver the expected user experience.

Correction of errors

Some minor faults that were not found during testing may occur after a product has been released to the production environment. Our team keeps note of these issues and works to resolve them as promptly as possible.

Extension of capabilities

We give product upgrades and work on any product changes that improve the capabilities of your program. Our team thinks outside the box and makes recommendations about how to improve your product.


We identify areas in your software that might be improved to make it run more efficiently and consume fewer resources. We can improve performance by restructuring your code or changing your software.

Analysis of source code

We find areas in your software that may be optimized to run faster and consume fewer resources. We can improve performance by restructuring code or changing software.


Our team refactors code during development to meet non-functional needs like source code readability and maintainability. We do code reviews and ensure that best practices are being followed, and also take into account the source code's age, product architecture, and development conditions.

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