Without     Internet Money   Transfer 

 Now UPI Money   Transfer Will   happen even   without internet 

 let know what   you have to do   for this 

  for this,first you have   to go to the dial log    of your phone.there   you have to dial *99# 

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 after dialing you will see   some such option 

 now, press 1 number on   your phones keypad, which   will let you transfer   money 

 now are you seeing 3 options,in   this you can select any from   which you want to transfer     money,we will select UPI here.     now press the number 2 on your   phone keypad 

now enter the uPI ID payment to whom you want to transfer money. 

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after that enter the amount you want to send 

after this you have to enter your UPI PIN,your money will bne transfered successfully 

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