How is artificial intelligence redefining social media?

What picture does your mind envision when you hear ‘Artificial Intelligence’? Probably the applications like Alexa, Siri, robots, Tesla autopilot and many more. But it is much more than these applications.  We often tend to think of AI as robots doing our daily course of work but the truth is AI has found its way into social media platforms also. It has become so general that we don’t realize we use it all the time. Say, for instance, have you ever wondered how your Facebook or Instagram feeds give you content based on your interest. The simple answer to this question is a Artificial Intelligence

Today AI is massively influencing the social media landscape. and because of this, social media advertisers and marketers are at a great advantage as they can communicate and influence customers better than what they could achieve through traditional mediums. 

Merging Artificial intelligence with social media

Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming an integral and inseparable part of social media. The world’s most popular social media platforms we use every single day have been changed by AI.

For example, Facebook uses AI tools like deep text and facial recognition to do everything from serving your niche content to recognizing your face in the tagged photos. Another most popular app, Instagram (owned by Facebook) uses AI to identify visuals, filter spam and boast the result of target advertising to enhance the user experience. And the last most professional app, LinkedIn, uses AI to offer job recommendations, suggest people you might like to connect with and serve you specific posts in your feed automatically.

Hence, these are just a few examples of how AI transforms social media platforms. With this,  more social media marketers are using such platforms for branding and promoting their brands to build an audience, drive engagement on their brand and content, and convert prospects into leads or sales across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or other such platforms.

How is artificial intelligence redefining social media?

AI – the game-changer for social media marketing

Marketing a business without social media in this digital era is incomplete. Social media nowadays is a productive ground for advertisers and marketers for marketing their brand as it offers them the opportunity to use artificial intelligence to introduce real-life shopping experiences for their customers. 

There are a few areas where AI has already helped social media marketing for quite some time. For example, one of the most important tools are social media bots – it is not some kind of robot as the name suggests, but it’s a software application. On social media, bots are used to sort and filter groups based on certain keywords so that marketers can find relevant audiences that would respond to their brand. Conversely, the same bots can be used to block users and groups that either don’t fit or don’t respond to their brand.

Not only this, AI analyzes billions of social media posts and identifies trending topics, hashtags, and patterns. Due to this, popular platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram categorize each post and place the content at the top of their timelines and news feeds of users in which they are most interested. 

Also, marketing data, precise sales strategy analysis, and chatbots are changing the AI game too. 

Last but not least, the technologies and advancements that AI brings in social media platforms are not only influencing the great social media marketing of the business but also guaranteeing a more pleasant opportunity for social media marketers as it can enhance connection and communication with users for promoting business brands. 

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