LMS: Benefits, Importance, Need and Features in Covid-19 Pandemic

The system that controls the flow of learning content, including its acquisition, presentation, and administration, is called a Learning management system. I-learning takes place through virtual mediums like web, CD, or downloads. The most common version of LMS is Share Point by Microsoft and Moodle.

LMS enables to achieve the concept of e-learning, whose aim is to facilitate educational activities using electronic resources and information technologies. It provides opportunities for education to all, irrespective of their geographical locations and time constraints.

Importance of LMS

Today it is necessary for every organization such as hospitals, schools, etc. To involve in e-learning programs due to many reasons, such as enhancing sharing knowledge improves communication within an organization and other related concepts. Hence LMS provides the perfect platform to do so. LMS is very much required in pandemic situations because it would help people gather information easily and improve skills through practical learning modules that will enhance the capability of dealing with pandemics efficiently. 

Features of LMS

The features are one of the most important aspects of an LMS, which plays a significant role in its success or failure. It helps organizations define their requirements before selecting any system for them according to their necessity. The features can be categorized following different ways:

  • Content Management System (CMS) handling modalities like e-learning, content delivery, testing, etc.
  • Role managementalities like user profiles, groups, etc
  • Customization features like integration with other systems, visual representation, etc.
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Types of LMS:

There are mainly two types of learning management systems available in the market following different approaches-

  • Off-the-shelf Systems
  • Customized or homegrown Systems

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Need and features in Covid-19 pandemic

The pandemic situation in the last two years has revealed the need for e-learning modules to educate people about how they can protect themselves and their families in an outbreak. E-learning is very much necessary during this difficult period because it would help people gather information quickly and improve skills through effective learning modules that will enhance the capability of dealing with pandemics efficiently. Hence, LMS provides an effective platform to do so.

Key Areas for eLearning:

  • Integration- Integrate your content within seconds, whatever it may be, i.e., PDF files, Google Presentations, etc.
  • The facility of assessment- Define different assessment possibilities, including true/false, multiple-choice, matching, etc.
  • Subject matter expertise- It is necessary to have subject matter experts to develop e-learning modules; otherwise, it would not be successful at all.
  • Testing facility- Build up test cases for reviewing content before uploading it on the LMS platform for better results.
  • Peer review- This feature allows you to share any kind of learning content with your peers and colleagues to get an idea about their opinions prior to publishing the same online.
  • Leaderboard – This feature helps monitor updates regarding scores by learners, which helps them improve skills and gain more knowledge related to the topic without any hurdles.
  • Marking system- This allows you to set grade levels for learners in order to evaluate their performance.
  • Scenario-Based learning- It can be used in critical situations where people are unable to connect to the LMS due to time constraints.

Bottom Lines

LMS helps an organization to deliver and manage e-learning modules safely and securely. It is very important in pandemic situations because it would help people gather information easily and improve skills through effective learning modules, which will enhance the capability of dealing with pandemics efficiently. LMS provides an effective platform for this purpose, so companies should take benefits out of it accordingly.

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