The Rise of Immersive Technology: Real Impact in the Real World

The mind-blowing technology which is revolutionizing the present and the future that is none other than immersive technologies. Immersive technology comprises augmented reality, virtual reality, and mixed reality which are amongst the fastest growing and fascinating today so what is precisely immersive technology? 

To put it in nutshell, immersive technology creates or extends reality and that is done by immersing the user in a digital environment having applications in different domains such as website, healthcare, gaming, etc. This technology is gaining momentum with every passing day, it is transforming and helping us to reimagine the future. Let’s kick in with the first immersive technology – Virtual Reality (VR). 

The Background

Virtual Reality uses VR headsets to create a stimulator environment and helps an individual to immerse into it to experience an entirely different reality. However, the historical journey of virtual reality began back in the 1800s. This marvelous idea has been evolving from the time practical photography came into existence. Now, a lot of companies are investing billions of dollars in the VR sector. Some of the best VR products are Sony PlayStation, Lenovo Mirage, and many more. These gadgets enable an individual to immerse in a digital environment to experience a world that is different from reality. You must have heard VR is all about gaming but the potential of VR doesn’t stop at the gaming sector entirely as it is revolutionizing many other sectors such as education, military, medicine, and sports to name a few here. 

The Background 1
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Now moving to the next immersive technology – Augmented Reality. It is a technology that projects computer-generated augmentation on top of reality. It helps us to perform tasks, better and more efficiently. AR which falls in between reality and virtual reality is a method used to render real-world data and present it intuitively so that virtual elements resemble reality to an extent. The revolution doesn’t stop here. 

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Have you used AR before?

Have you ever used location-based AR apps like google maps? This application is a perfect example of how with the help of AR, Google maps use digital directions on top of the new world and shows us where to walk. Another famous application we have is Google Lens, which enhances the search experience for users as they are no longer required to type a query anymore. Just open the app and aim at what you want to learn about. Then Google Lens will identify the object and give all the essential details about it. Then we have one of the best examples of AR is Snapchat filters. These Snapchat filters have become a trend among the younger generations. These are all made possible by the technology called augmented reality. This technology has been raging in popularity over the past few years and the revolution is not stopping anytime soon. 

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Next in-line

Next in line with immersive technology is Mixed Reality (MR). If Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality impressed you, then get ready for the best of both worlds that is mixed reality. Mixed reality is all about blending the real world with virtual reality unlike augmented reality as users can interact with virtual objects and mixed reality. What was nearly impossible a few years ago and was limited to our imagination like interacting with your favorite Marvel superhero is now possible because of MR technology. Does it seem similar to you with AR? Then well you can it AR 2.0. Mixed reality is still in the early stages and it will take a while to reach more people. And its main use in the field of education, training, sports, healthcare, space missions, and even construction. 

Visualizing the future with immersive technology

To sum it up, in immersive technology, augmented reality adds digital elements to a live environment whereas virtual reality implies a completely immersive experience that shuts down the physical world. On the other hand, mixed reality experience combines elements of both AR and VR where you can interact with both the real world and the digital elements. 

And no doubt, immersive technology is quickly becoming a part of our daily lives as they are not only enhancing user experiences but helping brands to market their products effectively and successfully to attract their target audiences. From gaming to buying medicine, the immersive is taking the world by storm. 


Moreover, the social distancing imperatives of the covid 19 pandemic have created a climate of technology adoption and Binmark is proud to be leading the response with its immersive tech solutions. Binmark immersive technology has a real impact in the real world with real people. Reach out to us to digitalize your business with immersive technology. 

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